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Mysterious Giant Shape Discovered

Is it a crop circle? Is it a plus? Might it be a cross? Just what is that giant shape up southeast of Greeley and how did it get there? Could it be the Denver areas first giant shaped cache run imagined and implemented by some local cachers? I do believe it is!

Steve and Margaret of msstrong put together a fabulous 48-cache 24-mile run in the shape of a giant cross. The run is a surprising variety of different types of containers and typically takes between 2-3 hours to complete.

We’re delighted to see someone put the time and effort into engineering a giant shape cache run for us here in Colorado! Many thanks to msstrong for the time, effort and creativity they put into this effort!

With our western neighboring state Utah both having a heart shape and a Kokopelli, we’re hoping other cachers will add to our shaped bounty here in Colorado soon for more mini adventure runs.

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