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By: Ali "The Green Cat"

Have you ever contemplated what would happen to our sport if there were no new caches? Ponder, if you will, the Cache Owner. Here is someone that freely invests his/her time and energy to create a delightful opportunity for complete strangers to discover.

Whether the cache is a pill container under a rock on the eastern plains, an elaborate multi or mystery cache in an urban setting, a themed cache with an applicable container, or something else entirely, where would we be, as the geocaching community. without the Cache Owner?

The next time you find a cache – be it a lampskirt, a five mile hike, or something in between, please remember to take the time to *thank* the owner in your log for placing and maintaining the cache. It only takes a minute and shows your appreciation for their effort and time and your understanding that without them, you’d have little to do.

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