Restrictions and Regulations on Geocache Placement in Golden Gate Canyon State Park
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, Park Manager

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is very welcoming to geocaching (particularly compared to some other state parks). No pre-approval of any cache site is required, and you're largely just expected to follow guidelines on the environmental impact of cache placement.

  • The Ralston Creek State Wildlife Area is off-limits to caching.

  • Areas chosen should have a minimal environmental impact (i.e., not in a prairie dog burrow, no digging or destroying vegetation, etc.). Designated parking areas and existing trails should be used to access the cache site.

  • Public safety is a big concern in the park; access to a cache should not require any hazardous approach paths

  • Anyone participating in this activity must abide by all park rules and regulations, and while operating a motor vehicle within the state park display a valid parks pass.
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