Restrictions and Regulations on Geocache Placement in Cherry Creek State Park
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Cherry Creek Geocaching Point of Contact:

303.699.3860 x721

Cherry Creek State Park is relatively friendly toward geocaching. Park permission is required before any cache is placed, but the rules on caches are fairly liberal.

  • Anyone wanting to place a cache must provide information about it to the park (primarily to document the location) and fill out a Special Activities Agreement (no fee) before setting the cache. The park will then consider each request individually and either grant or deny permission.

  • If planning a multi- or offset cache, information must be provided and approved / denied for each location in the park.

  • The dam structure (top, both upstream / downstream faces), and wetlands are off-limits to caching.

  • Caches should be placed in locations that do not encourage searchers to go off-trail (i.e., keep caches close to existing trails).

  • Areas chosen should have minimal environmental impact (i.e., not along an eroding shoreline or bluff, not in a prairie dog burrow, no digging or destroying vegetation, etc.).

  • Anyone participating in this activity must abide by all park rules and regulations, and while operating a motor vehicle within the state park display a valid parks pass.

  • Park staff will remove any Geocache that was not pre-approved.
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