Restrictions andnRegulations on Geocache Placement in Chatfield State Park
Chatfield State Park Website

Chatfield Geocaching Point of Contact:

, Park Manager II
303.791.7275 x112

Management at Chatfield is fairly open to geocaching -- you'll just need to go through an approval process before putting your cache in place. Once your site is approved, you'll need to fill out Special Activities Agreement (no fee) to document each site you place. Here is the complete list of requirements:

  • Due to the wide variety of people participating in geocaching, ABSOLUTELY no harmful, illegal, or obscene items / substances will be cached. Examples include, but are not limited to: guns, knives, explosives, drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc. Caches may be randomly inspected by park staff to ensure compliance.

  • Anyone wanting to set a cache is required to provide information about it to the park, including exact location and container type and size. A location map and / or web site link (which has a map) must be provided to the park. The park will then consider each request individually and either grant or deny permission.

  • The initial owner of the cache will be required to inspect the area occasionally, and report any environmental impact it may be creating (i.e., soil compaction, foot trails, cutting vegetation, digging, etc.). If negative impact is being created, the cache should be removed immediately and updated on the proper website.

  • If using a multi- or offset cache, information must be provided and approved / denied for each location in the park.

  • Off-limit areas on Chatfield State Park include the dam structure (top, both upstream / downstream faces), Campground, Plum Creek Field (between Plum Creek Nature Area and Plum Creek Picnic Area), Wetlands, Discovery Pavilion / Audubon Nature Center, the field surrounding the Remote Control Plane Field, all restrooms, concession or office buildings, administrative areas, and Group Picnic Areas.

  • Areas chosen should have a very minimal environmental impact (i.e., not along an eroding shoreline or bluff, not in a prairie dog burrow, no digging or destroying vegetation, etc.). Nearby designated parking areas and existing trails should be used to access the cache site.

  • Anyone participating in this activity must abide by all park rules and regulations, and while operating a motor vehicle within the state park display a valid parks pass.
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