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This organization has been established to promote positive relations with land managers in Colorado, and increase communication in the geocaching community.

Mission Statement

Geocaching Colorado works to support and advance the sport of geocaching for all of Colorado.

We strive to educate about geocaching principles, maintain an open and welcoming community, serve as a forum for responsible stewardship of our lands, act as a liaison with land agents to ensure access for geocaching, and promote geocaching as an enjoyable outdoor family oriented pursuit.

Philosophy or Shared Values

  • We strive to provide geocachers and non-geocachers with information about geocaching and other topics that work well with our hobby/sport.

  • We feel that by helping those who are interested in Geocaching learn more about the activity, safety, experience, etc., we will foster more fun and enjoyment for the activity in general.

  • Provide an open and welcoming environment. Our aim is to maintain an active geocaching community in Colorado.

  • We encourage community within Colorado geocachers through numerous events, gatherings and ongoing communication.

  • Serve as a forum for fostering responsible stewardship of our lands.

  • Act as a liaison with public land agents to ensure continued access for geocaching. Have a close and mutually beneficial working relationship between government, tourism, business, property owners, and Geocaching Colorado.

  • Promote understanding and awareness of geocaching through various media channels.

Current (2014) Geocaching Colorado Board:

  Position Name (Geonick)
  President Deb S.(KBOUMW)
  Vice-President Jason W.(animjason)
  Secretary Jesse L.(Memfis Mafia)
  Treasurer Kellie S.(imyy4u2)
  Ad-Hoc Mackenzie D.(A&MBrooks)
  Ad-Hoc Scott S.(imyy4u2)
  Past President Chris W.(The.Doctor)

Other Volunteers:

  Position Name (Geonick)
  WebMaster(s) Keith (WitzAbout) and Jason (animjason)
  Forum Moderator Keith (WitzAbout)
  Forum Moderator

Official Geocaching Colorado documents and forms are accessible in our Shared Documents area.